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Laurel Wreath Award

The Laurel Wreath Award is one of six individual honors presented by Kappa Alpha Psi at its annual or bi-annual Grand Chapter meetings. The award was established in 1924 to honor members of the fraternity who lived up to, above, and beyond the motto of achievement in every field of human endeavor. The first two recipients were founder Elder Watson Diggs, who served as Grand Polemarch for the fraternity's initial six years, and Robert S. Abbott, the publisher of the Chicago Defender, one of the most influential newspapers of its day.

The Laurel Wreath Award is the highest award presented to a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity; it is bestowed upon members who demonstrate extra-meritorious achievements that are at least national, or international, in scope and effect. Recipients are selected based on petitions submitted to the Laurel Wreath Commission, a 13-member national committee whose members are appointed by the Grand Polemarch. No more than four awards can be granted during any Grand Chapter session.


The following is a list of all members who wear the Laurel Wreath of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity.

Recipient Alumni Affiliation Meeting Initiated Year
Elder Watson Diggs Indianapolis (IN) 14th (1924) Alpha 1911
Robert S. Abbott Chicago (IL) 14th (1924) Chicago (IL) 1919
Thomas G. Nutter Charleston (WV) 16th (1926) Tau 1923
Archie A. Alexander Des Moines (IA) 16th (1926) Gamma 1915
J. Ernest Wilkins Chicago (IL) 19th (1929) Beta 1918
Byron K. Armstrong Langston (OK) 25th (1935) Alpha 1915
Armond W. Scott Washington (DC) 26th (1936) Washington (DC) 1927
Lionel F. Artis Indianapolis (IN) 30th (1940) Nu 1920
C. Leon Wilson Chicago (IL) 34th (1944) Beta 1915
W. Ellis Stewart 35th (1945) Alpha 1911
Charles Clinton Spaulding Durham (NC) 35th (1935) Durham (NC) 1921
R. L. Jones Charleston (WV) 36th (1946) Tau 1923
Leon A. Ransom Washington (DC) 37th (1947) Delta 1918
Earl B. Dickerson Chicago (IL) 38th (1948) Beta 1913
Percy H. Lee Kansas City (MO) 40th (1950) Psi 1929
George E. C. Hayes Washington (DC) 40th (1950) Washington (DC) 1927
Jesse M. Tinsley Richmond (VA) 43rd (1953) Nu 1920
Charles Rodger Wilson Chicago (IL) 55th (1969) Beta 1918
Donald L. Hollowell Atlanta (GA) 55th (1969) Beta Lambda 1940
Allison B. Henderson Detroit (MI) 56th (1970) Pi 1930
W. Henry Greene Washington (DC) 56th (1970) Xi 1923
Thomas Bradley Los Angeles (CA) 59th (1974) Upsilon 1938
James J. Henderson Durham (NC) 59th (1974) Alpha Gamma 1931
Samuel P. Massie, Jr. Annapolis (MD) 60th (1976) Alpha Delta 1939
Edward G. Irvin Chicago (IL) 60th (1976) Alpha 1911
William T. Carter Washington (DC) 61st (1977) Epsilon 1929
C. Felton Gayles Langston (OK) 61st (1977) Pi 1921
Daniel James, Jr Colorado Spr (CO) 62nd (1979) Nashville (TN) 1969
Leon H. Sullivan Philadelphia (PA) 62nd (1979) Tau 1940
G. James Fleming Baltimore (MD) 63rd (1980) Xi 1935
Richard B. Millspaugh Opelousas (LA) 64th (1982) Alpha Sigma 1949
Howard C. Barnhill Charlotte (NC) 64th (1982) Alpha Nu 1938
Hiliary H. Holloway Philadelphia (PA) 65th (1983) Alpha Kappa 1947
A. Maceo Walker Memphis (TN) 65th (1983) Alpha Delta 1929
Elbert E. Allen Shreveport (LA) 66th (1985) Alpha Chi 1941
Ernest H. Davenport Washington (DC) 66th (1985) Beta Delta 1937
Irven Armstrong Chicago (IL) 67th (1986) Alpha 1911
Arthur R. Ashe, Jr. New York (NY) 67th (1986) Upsilon 1963
George W. Crockett, Jr. Washington (DC) 67th (1986) Pi 1938
Frank M. Summers Indianapolis (IN) 68th (1988) Alpha 1911
William L. Crump Washington (DC) 70th (1991) Alpha Mu 1941
Edward R. Ellois, Jr. Washington (DC) 70th (1991) Baton Rouge (LA) 1962
Edward J. Perkins Alex-Fairfx (VA) 71st (1993) Alex-Fairfx (VA) 1978
Paul Phillips Cooke Washington (DC) 72nd (1995) Xi 1935
Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. Los Angeles (CA) 74th (1999) Upsilon 1956
Ullysses McBride Atmore (AL) 74th (1999) Beta Phi 1952
Samuel D. Proctor New York (NY) 74th (1999) Alpha Phi 1938
Oba B. White Little Rock (AR) 74th (1999) Mu 1920
Arthur L. Carter Indianapolis (IN) 81st (2011) Nu 1947
Michael V. Roberts St. Louis (MO) 81st (2011) Beta Nu 1969
Ronald R. Young Syracuse (NY) 81st (2011) Beta Chi 1969